Project Description

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The project allows each participant to create his or her own individual patriotic expression as personalized artwork.  The effort can be done as a standalone project or integrated into a broader curriculum assignment.  The participant’s work is assembled in a flag format as a collection of individual pieces of art or as part of a broad theme conducted as a collaborative team project with others. When the artwork is completed, the final product can be prominently displayed as a source of inspiration and pride for all to see.

The Creative Process

Once a school, veterans group, or service organization decides to work with I Pledge USA, the following steps occur:

  • I Pledge USA will create 312 square painted tiles (128 red, 114 white, 70 blue), measuring 4 inches on each side, which are then delivered to the individual responsible for coordinating the project.
  • The client has the responsibility to organize the effort required to have the participants (students, veterans, contributors, etc.) complete their artwork, which can be in any medium, including painting, drawing, photography, etc.
  • Typically, each participant is given their own individual tile(s) which they take ownership of in terms of the creative process. (The staff at I Pledge USA is happy to consult with client representatives regarding various techniques we have developed that can assist participants in the creation of their own individual tile(s).)
  • Upon completion of the tiles, the client then boxes them up and returns them to the offices of I Pledge USA.
  • Once the tiles are received by I Pledge USA, they are affixed to a specially fabricated frame and an epoxy overcoat is applied (the epoxy takes about a week to cure).
  • The completed project is then securely crated and shipped out to the client for final installation. (NOTE: Our experience is that the cycle time from the beginning of the creative process until the final installation usually takes about a month.)

The Finished Artwork

The final product – an image of the US flag – measures approximately 65 inches high, 109 inches long (about 5’4” x 9’) and 3 inches deep. The individual red, white and blue tiles comprising the flag are surrounded by a blue field containing the words to the Pledge of Allegiance.  The individual tiles are affixed to a sturdy frame which is reinforced on the back with angle iron. The piece is covered with epoxy and weighs approximately 175 pounds when completed.  Final installation normally occurs by hanging the artwork on a wall.

Benefits to Participating Organizations

  • No cost  By being a 501(c)(3) public charity, it is hoped that individual contributions and corporate sponsorships will ultimately subsidize the cost to develop and sustain the program.
  • Builds spirit – The project can help unify the community around a cause which is powerful and important – PATRIOTISM!
  • Flexibility – Because there is no single “right” way to do this project, clients have great latitude in terms of individual participation, theme development, administrative oversight, etc.
  • Potential for school curriculum integration – In the school environment particularly, the project allows for cross–discipline integration (for example studio art and history, etc.), providing the opportunity for a variety of different “teachable moments” to occur among students, teachers and parents.
  • Fundraising, friend-raising and marketing opportunities galore! – Our experience is that there are multiple opportunities to engage various constituencies. We would be pleased to share these with you upon request.
  • Stunning artwork – The finished product is beautiful to look at. The epoxy overcoat is resilient and durable, and can be touched by the viewer.  The end result is a piece that shows very well, instilling a sense of pride and enthusiasm for the patriotic spirit.  Properly displayed, it serves as a legacy for others to enjoy for years into the future.